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Dead humpback whale beached in Sydney

Posted: 2012-08-04
From: Mathaba
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A dead humpback whale washed up in a Sydney ocean pool early on Wednesday

As part of the ongoing massive mass-suicide being committed by countless whales and other sea animals, a large humpback whale surprised morning swimmers in Sydney when it beached itself on land.

"Beaching" is what white people call the suicide of whales, and which their scientists cannot explain. The mass suicides have escalated over the years. In the past some of the suspected causes have been military noise-pollution (sonar), as well as natural and man-made earthquakes and pollution.

After the horrendous nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, hundreds of thousands of tons of extremely highly radioactive water was pumped straight back out into the ocean, in attempts to cool the meltdown of the reactors, which had been built by Anglo-American company General Electric, owned by the Queen of England.

The authorities in Japan had ignored the safety regulations and warnings over the years. With the extremely toxic and radio-active waste and water now being in the Pacific Ocean, sea life have been adversely affected in the region, and this is likely to have caused many animals to commit suicide rather than suffer the intolerable pain.

These events are also seen as warnings to humans who have eyes to see and ears to hear, but are however largely being ignored. Prior to the massive Tsunami that hit much of the world's populous nations from Indonesia and Malaysia all the way across Sri Lanka and India to East Africa, animals sought higher ground hours before the events.

Australians are largely unaware of the poisoning of the Pacific Ocean waters by the leaked radiation, and continue to consume canned fish from the Far East, which is not being checked by the so-called Health and Standards Authority, which is notorious within Australia for laxity and corruption.

Other major disasters in the Pacific include the nuclear waste from countless French nuclear explosions, a massive "island of plastic" suffocating all sea life under it, floating just below the surface, and covering much of the northern Pacific, estimated to be the size of the USA, consisting of generations of waste from the USA and China.

The never-ending massive leak of oil from the Caribbean sea bed due to irresponsible greed of western oil companies, is also turning the oceans red and poisoning sea life.

With the lessons failing to be drawn and youth uncaring about these issues and media failing to cover these unpopular stories for fear of upsetting their corporate sponsors, there is little hope of the situation turning around before the point of no return, in spite of the efforts of a few independent media networks such as Mathaba to highlight the issues.
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