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Turmoil Continues in Libya, Reaching So-Called National Congress

Posted: 2012-08-24
From: Mathaba
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Two members of the media were taken away for `questioning` following a scuffle at yesterday`s closed session of the Congress.

Libya’s newly imposed so-called General National Congress (GNC) met yesterday after taking a break for the end of the fasting month of Ramadan and the Eid holidays.

The GNC members were quickly brought down to earth with a bang as they were met at the GNC entrance by demonstrations, including by the families of those that were killed by the Eid car bomb on Sunday which targeted the occupation regime forces. Some demonstrators had attempted to forcibly enter the GNC building.

Not only that, but at least two members of the media were taken away for ‘questioning’ when a scuffle broke out following the unexpected departure of Congress speaker Mohammed Magarief, a long-time terrorist who lived in the USA and received funding for many decades from the CIA in order to fund terrorism in Libya.

After inviting the pro-occupation regime press to attend the GNC decided to hold its meeting behind closed doors without the media present – much to the displeasure of the awaiting members of the media, for whom even this was too much, as it is untenable to sell the imposed dictatorship and its window dressing as democracy.

A matter of national security

The GNC had decided to hold yesterday’s session on the issue of security and had asked the Ministry of Interior to provide a report on the security situation.

After meeting for a couple of hours, GNC head, the long-term terrorist Mohammed Magarief left in a hurry and the media were informed that he was to attend a meeting of Libya’s National Security Council.

GNC member Rat Salah Jaouda confirmed that Magarief “was meeting with the National Security Council and all the relevant security personnel in order to put in place and execute national security plans. These plans include the supply of various needs such as technical and communications equipment etc”.

The occupation regime is facing stiff and consistent resistance, even though one quarter of the pro-Jamahiriya (direct people's democracy) population of Libya, one million people, have been forced into exile in Tunisia and Egypt, and tens of thousands rounded up and thrown into torture centers where they are held without trial.

‘There are some who still wish to create a security crisis now in Libya’

Regarding today’s closed meeting, Rat Jaouda said that “the meeting was for the Ministry of Interior to give a detailed account of the security situation”.

Asked about the two bombing incidents over the Eid holidays in Tripoli, Rat Jaouda said that “there are some who still wish to create a security crisis now in Libya”.

Meanwhile, asked to reveal the discussions that had taken place behind closed doors, GNC member Rat Hassan Lamin confirmed that today’s meeting was “set aside especially for the security situation. It is not an easy file and it will need many sittings”, he added.

“I personally feel that the GNC will need to set up at least a temporary committee to deal with the security issue in the next few weeks. This was one of the suggestions that were discussed inside. The idea is that it would provide regular reports on the security situation”.

Regarding the closed–to-the-media session he defended the GNC decision saying that “we kept today’s session closed to the media due to the sensitivity of the subject”.

“We are still at war despite the political legitimacy” – Rat Juma Attaiga.

Asked to comment about the security situation, GNC member Rat Juma Attaiga felt that “the hands of the previous regime want to carry out plans to shake the country’s security”, while denying the reality that the vast majority of Libyans enjoyed posssessing the power, wealth and arms in the Jamahiriya democratic system.

Asked about the identity of those responsible for the car bombs and if it was supporters of the Jamahiriya direct democracy system which the occupation regime has sought to replace or if there were other forces behind them, such as squabbling rat militias, Attaiga said that “according to the Ministry of Interior, it was supporters of the old regime who were responsible. There is no evidence that there are any other parties responsible”.

 ”It is no coincidence that these bombs went off just after the handover”

Attaiga went on to note that “it is no coincidence that these bombs went off just after the handover of power from the NTC to the GNC and on the first day of Eid. They don’t want this peaceful handover and this process to happen.

The NTC (formerly TNC) was the unelected regime that was installed by NATO firepower killing an estimated one hundred thousand Libyans during almost a year of war in 2011, and which this year held sham elections which disqualified the majority of Libyans from participation, in order to install the so-called GNC.

‘We are still at war despite the political legitimacy’. There are those who still wish to portray to the outside world that Libya is unstable so as to discourage foreign participation and investment’, he said.

Observers note that it is impossible to qualify Libya in any sense as a stable and secure country under occupation, and the revolutionary leadership united behind Muammar Qadhafi have promised that the liberation struggle may take years, but that in the end the usurpers, heretics, criminals and terrorists will be defeated.

Members of the media were arrested within the GNC building

At one point there was a scuffle between members of the media and the GNC security personnel possibly sparked by the sudden departure of the so-called GNC head without giving time for questions to the awaiting media, even though they are pro-occupation regime journalists who are allowed access.

Members of the media reported that some media members tried to rush towards the terrorist Magarief, but were prevented by his security. The media were unsurprisingly not too pleased that Magarief did not talk to them – having invited them to attend the GNC session.

Words were apparently exchanged with the overzealous security personnel and at least two media members were taken away for ‘questioning’. GNC members promised to resolve the matter urgently.

The incident reflects the tense relationship between the GNC and its own media and the security personnel at the GNC building.

The GNC security is provided by the so-called Ministry of Interior/Defence in combination with the so-called Supreme Security Committee.

Rat Salah Jaouda, while admitting that he did not know all the facts of the incident, noted that “even in Benghazi only yesterday some members of the press were arrested by soldiers who did not have the authority to arrest. I will inform the GNC head and ask for a quick resolution to the matter”, he promised the gathered media.

Some members of the pro-regime media were wondering what had happened to Article 14 of the Transitional Constitutional Declaration which read that “the state guarantees the freedom of opinion, of individual and group expression, and the freedom of scientific research, the freedom of communication, and the freedom of the press and media and printing and distribution and the freedom of movement and the freedom of congregation and demonstration and peaceful disobedience in so far as it does not contradict the law”.

Pro-Qaddafi satellite TV broadcasting from within or without Libya?

Asked about the pro-Qaddafi satellite TV channel or channels that have been transmitting intermittently from Egypt, GNC member Rat Salah Jaouda admitted with a touch of self criticism that “the channels may even be transmitting from within Libya – Libya which should be under the sovereignty and control of the GNC”.

“It is more complicated than you think and will need a complicated legal process to resolve it. We should act immediately”, he confirmed.

The GNC holiday?

The GNC had barely met after it had received its so-called legitimacy and authority from the illegitimate National Transitional Congress (NTC) on 8 August before it adjourned for an end of Ramadan break.

Some members of the pro-occupation traitors thought that the GNC should have continued to meet in order to speed-up the handover process and hasten the process of solving many of the nation’s outstanding and pressing issues and problems.

Rat Salah Jaouda defended his position and that of the GNC on the matter. ‘I had asked for a delay of the handover ceremony because of the religious significance of the last days of the holy month of Ramadan. And I was afraid that the NTC would handover and the GNC would not be ready. It was a mistake’, he admitted.

‘Anyway, it was a ceremonial handover. We need internal rules and regulations. We failed to even create a committee to receive the official archives from the state’.

‘We did create a committee of 16 who did not go home on holiday and continued to work. They were working until late last night. So we were not on holiday. Anyway, we would not have been able to achieve anything because of the lack of internal rules and regulations to govern our procedures and organisation’.

Meeting families of the bomb victims

Rat Salah Jaouda was one of the so-called GNC members that had met with the families of the car bomb victims. He said that he had offered sympathy, condolences and support and promised improved security to the shameless traitors and supporters of foreign occupation.

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