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Mathaba on Hold: We Need Your Help!

Posted: 2012-08-28
From: Mathaba
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Why we have to pause our operations

There is no easy way to say this other than to state the simple truth, even though it will please the enemies of free and independent news media, crucial to world peace, understanding and offering HOPE for a future.

The truth is, we're stuck, and we're stuck more often now than in the past. We have put into place a powerful news media operation, and were in the process of documenting our systems and procedures, so that more people can become involved and participate in this project for humanity, thanks to the help of an Organic Design volunteer.

We are also in the middle of implementing a social media network system for activists and supporters that will solve the "Facebook problem" as well as many other problems, and just before its launch we have hit some rocks again, requiring a new web server.

Our publication depends upon a good editor, and our Editor in Chief is one of the best. Passing up a $100k+ job in Australia with the Murdoch media empire, he works here for you free of charge, without any income, a rather unsustainable position. Mathaba doesn't have the resources any more even to pay essential staff a basic salary.

He has only two computers: one is very old and the keyboard not suited to typing and is thus used for running other essential services -- he has to do huge amounts of typing each day -- and also handles various other things in addition to the editing work. The other one which he has been using has today packed up, the D key doesn't work, can't be repaired.

It is not possible to do work with the "d" key not working: it's not even a case of replacing the single key. The electrical circuit has broken. It needs a new keyboard. As an emergency measure, a remote keyboard has been found, but in truth the laptop is falling apart in many ways more than one. It is impracticable to carry on the level of work on it.

We live in a world, where those who produce the most for the planet, take the least from it, and those that produce the least, take the most from it. Most readers will have computers that are far more modern and powerful than what we have to use here, in spite of the immeasurable importance of our work to humankind.

Those who have millions, sponsor all the wrong things, fearful that the system that made them rich, will be replaced by one that will not give them undeserved privileges. They sponsor the gate-keepers with reformist fallacious solutions, which only prolong the agony, while the world has no time left to turn around or face irreparable damage.

This month we received enough donations and advertising to merely cover the cost of our web hosting and web servers, without a penny to give to our volunteer technician. Yet it is the end of the month, and we don't have the funds for next months bills. Worse, we now need $2,300 to replace equipment, including laptop, that are essential to this work.

That is not to mention surviving, communication and other essential expenses, yet we have foregone those "comforts" that others take for granted, for many years now. But without the equipment and required monthly bills that have to be paid, and even with the altruistic volunteer help from the few for the many, we cannot carry on.

So, we simply have to put the truth out there. We need some $5,000 per month to carry on operations the way they are supposed to be, but even if we are to carry on at the level we have been doing for the past year, we need to raise $2,300 before we can continue. So, sorry, this time we really have to stop and wait, we have no other choice.

Please make your donations, each of which will be acknowledged and subtracted from the amount. We need to raise this $2,300 fast, because if another three weeks passes, then there are new bills added to it, and the huge audience we have built up will start to dwindle. Also, we are heavily dependent upon our Gold Subscribers, more on this now.

Those who are paying a monthly (approx $10) Mathaba Gold subscription, not only receive added benefits at the Mathaba Gold site, but are a very important component in making sure that we can meet essential costs each month. When we reduce our output or pause, we LOSE subscribers who don't see why they should continue.

This in turn then makes the pressure even more and harder to carry on the following month, because we have yet less resources than before. Therefore, we can only plead with our subscribers NOT to leave us and to bear with us, while we raise the required funds for the broken equipment. We will try to use net cafes to add items from time to time.

We will have to send this appeal out every three hours, as this is an urgent situation. It'll make you sick to keep seeing the same article over and over in your Email, Twitter, RSS, Facebook, Mathaba Silver or Mathaba Gold timeline, and on other sites where we are syndicated. But we have to do it or we won't stand a chance, most readers will not fork out even a few dollars to help since they may think we have budgets and income.

Our target is thus $2,300 to be raised within the coming week so that we can continue. We'll acknowledge each and every donation and mention it in the comments below, thus revising the total required. If you wish to be anonymous, we respect that, and ask that we can at least put your country and the amount, but withhold your name.

We will also list in the comments those who owe us funds, from unpaid bills for services rendered by Mathaba or her staff. Some of these we will not be able to obtain, and some may be possible with public pressure or diplomatic efforts. Please also see the link http://wiki.mathaba.net/August_2012_Mathaba_Appeal to see the current balance.

Please  donate and/or subscribe to help us continue news production.
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