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Diaspora Died With Ilya

Posted: 2012-08-28
From: Mathaba
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Mathaba ICT News Editor

Diaspora, the project that started with four young jewish students in New York, they thought would be a fun project and last just one summer holiday in coding.

They raised funds, expecting to get $10,000 but got over $200,000 before also receiving an undisclosed amount by the very project they were aiming to derail: Facebook's Zuckerberg.

Diaspora, which was said by the four founders to be aiming to solve the terrible problems caused to the world by bthe privacy and data-mining (spying) centralized platform Facebook, soon hit problems. When money started coming in they hired people who seemed to be just trying to make Diaspora become another Facebook.

Well, that is not quite true. Not just another Facebook, but a decentralized one, but abandoning the principles of security and privacy, encryption and empowering the community. Then came the suspicious death of Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the young four, allegedly by suicide. With him, died the noble ideals of Diaspora.

After this, those who had done the most to promote, develop and host Diaspora communities, were all but shat upon. And now, those of us still running Diaspora pods are being shat upon yet again, while the "Diaspora Team" pretends to be "turning things over to the community".

This comes at a time when Team Diaspora have realized that their project is going nowhere unless they get much more support, support that they have eroded since day one. Main reason: Friendica is on the rise, and Friendica is all that Diaspora was supposed to be. Now, there is no need for Diaspora at all.

All developers caring about decentralized, private and secure, as well as flexible social media, should be supporting Friendica. Unlike Diaspora, Friendica has stuck to the aim of making the world a better place, and done so thus far without the usual funding which kicks in to destroy good projects.

Diaspora meanwhile has dumped a huge load on all of us around the world who have been hosting, at our own expense, open public pods. Now realizing that they don't want to spend money on their own central pod which they had been promoting for almost two years now without any real support to other pods, and they're now listing our pods on their sites so that new users will sign up with us, and at our expense: all those who worked hard but receive no money for it.'

Joindiaspora.com don't even list themselves at podupti.me so as not to disclose their poor uptime record, and other issues. Social Mathaba which has been running for 2 years now has an uptime of 99.96% , and a user rating of 9.8 and a response time of average 737 ms from our server based in The Netherlands.

Sorry, but this is not sustainable. We are already at the limit, and not one of our Diaspora users donates money towards the costs of hosting, yet, we have to spend money each month to host all the accounts, and time to update and maintain the software. We'll be closing down our Diaspora Pod (Social Mathaba) and migrating to the better Friendica platform.

We'd tried to reach out to good Diaspora activists out there, and also a few good developers. But being non-western, non-white, and decidedly anti-capitalist, pro-life, and thus considered rather radical, it does not seem that we are able to unite the good coders, podmins, activists, with our powerful publicity machine.

Checking out Friendica recently took us by surprise. So much work has been done by one serious coder and a few helpers, seemingly working 24/7, unlike Team Diaspora who always found time to leave frivolous comments on their social stream showing the remaining three to be akin to spoiled brats playing games and enjoying food and drink.

We did have suspicions from the start, but we did not see anything better around, and we took their word for it. The past two years has however shown the reality. First upsetting users and coders by suddenly taking a new route that sent Diaspora backwards, and since then little has developed. And now this, dumping users on us and claiming that this is "giving back to the community" when all that the three geeks are trying to do in reality, is absolve themselves from the responsibility of hard work and honest development.

Please stay tuned: while we will not be offering a public service for Diaspora any more and will also not be able to afford to do that for Friendica, we WILL be promoting Friendica and putting into place a Mathaba Community that will help our supporters and green activists to network and communicate more securely in working for a better future world,
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