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Facing up to the System: United Around Mathaba We Stand, Divided We Fall

Posted: 2012-09-24
From: Mathaba
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Why we must support Mathaba, independent news agency.

Translated from the original article in French language

Why we must support Mathaba in its immense historic task in the service of all peace and justice-loving people throughout the world.

Mathaba is an independent news agency, the first in the world in some areas at the forefront of the news. [1] Over the years, it has demonstrated that it is a unique source of information and analysis of great value, especially since the war against the Libyan Jamahiriya has begun. Successfully and with always the same dedication, she continues her mission, among other things with outstanding coverage of the ongoing war against Syria.

Mathaba coverage of the war against Libya is unique. Photo: some results of the seven months of bombing Libya by the media system, NATO and their agents on the ground (credit: Pacifists Tunis).

A proof that Mathaba poses a threat to the dominant order (the New World Order, in the words of George W. Bush) is that during the hyper-totalitarian war against Libya, the site was subjected to a very violent cyber attack to which it responded, once again, in legendary manner. Indeed, unlike managers of the central site of the Libyan government, Mathaba proved that they are aware of the most sophisticated techniques to protect against attacks by would-be censors. In total calm the technicians of the independent news agency effectively defeated the attackers [2] and [3] in as much to say that if the forces of obscurantism decided one day to stop Mathaba at all costs, then they should need to paralyze the entire Internet ... How not to admire such prodigies of resistance?

Mathaba explains the direct democracy experiment, unique in the world by its duration, its scope and its audacity.

Throughout history, exceptional beings (from Karl Marx to Muammar Al-Gaddafi) warned that philosophers and revolutionaries have generally merely interpreted the world, and that it was now time to change the world in concrete ways.

For complex reasons, communism as such has unfortunately not yet emerged, and it has generally stalled in the Muslim world. [4] Capitalism being the root of absolute evil identified as such by all scholars and sages (of all religions) worthy of the name, the Third Universal Theory, in contrast, had the opportunity to express itself successfully over several decades. The first experiment in the world of direct democracy over a long period was recorded on the African continent. [5]

Mathaba places itself in this (r)evolutionary perspective by proposing the public around the world to contribute to positive change in the world ("Be the Change in the World"). It is not a coincidence that the home page of the personal computer of the Leader of the Libyan Revolution is ... Mathaba [6].

We the Pacifists of Tunis claimed from the outset to stick to this (r)evolutionary motto rather than those of the so-called peace activists (in Europe and the USA in particular) singing loudly "Give Peace a Chance" while remaining criminally silent when the most totalitarian wars that mankind has known (Libya and Syria) unfold before their very eyes.

The "social networks" in the hyper-totalitarian era. Mathaba offers an effective and unique alternative to the world: Friendica.

For example, Mathaba was the only organization in the world to have not only grasped the danger of such an instrument of domination (for data-mining and spying on behalf of governments and corporations, confidential data on the identity of users and their social behavior, actual or potential) like Facebook but to have also proposed a practical alternative.

On the basis of a first experiment, Diaspora, Mathaba has proceeded with Friendica. From our side, only Mathaba provided us with a forum to denounce -- on the basis of graphic and undeniable proof -- that other terrible aspect of Facebook: its apartheid or, to speak more simply, its blatant racism. [7]

The International Human Press ranked the best alternative news sites in the world. Although strangely, the famous Alex Jones Infowars is not listed and Mathaba obtained rank 12, it is remarkable that the experts at ITHP gave Mathaba one of the best comments of appreciation. [8] Such quality is reflected in the site access statistics to which an article which was dedicated. [9]

In the current sinister global configuration crushing our lives day to day, the reasons to want Mathaba to continue to function normally are very numerous. Apart from those already mentioned, we may cite two others:

-- Advice regularly sent to individuals and organizations concerned with freedom, such as the technical recommendations for journalists and activists about the everyday use of computers. [10]

Mathaba reveals Amnesty International's censorship of its own online survey.

-- Regular revelations never addressed elsewhere: for example, that in an online survey by Amnesia International, Gaddafi was the winner of their online Human Rights survey. These results, according to the analysis of Mathaba which had preserved them, were quickly censored by the organization in question... [11]

Need of a Break

In a world locked on all sides, Mathaba is currently facing financial difficulties forcing it to pause for technical reasons which have been clearly outlined in a message of August 30. [12]

These material problems -- but also human insofar as Mathaba is animated by beings biologically similar to those they devote themselves to each day could be solved easily if many users of this unique portal in the world took a little time to consider how they can get involved. Practically, they can do it even with tiny amounts and even without the intermediary of a bank card. Visitors, new and old, are invited to browse the site in English and focus their attention on the various announcements on this subject ("Donate").

Censorship everywhere, to the point that it becomes "invisible" and "perfectly" internalized. Mathaba allows the bypass (credit: snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com)

Keep constantly in mind that imperialism follows the method of "divide and conquer". Let them also keep in mind that the totalitarian system has also recourse to the Supreme Ruse to eliminate any hint of resistance to it [13]: the mental and physical exhaustion by which dominated populations -- aided by media propaganda -- believe that they enjoy freedom supposedly provided by the Internet and its "social networks".

Such an expression is in itself a major sociological imposture, as if Man had discovered social relations only with the recent advent of Facebook ...

Help Mathaba in its historic task to gather all the people animated by the desire for justice and peace in this world ravaged by capitalism. Some things you can do:

* Make a donation or subscription or a cash payment
* Sign up to the free daily email briefing
* Follow Mathaba News in other ways
* Join the Mathaba Community and offer your skills
* Help with editing or translation of articles
* Share this article widely, see sharing buttons/links at the end of this column below the sources:

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