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Ongoing Failures to Form Libya `Government`: Rejection by `Congress`

Posted: 2012-10-04
From: Mathaba
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The People`s Republic of China and Russia as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States, and all governments that have any representative powers should take note that the ongoing lawful government of Libya is the Jamahiriya and should be demanding the release of all political prisoners

A full year after the wind-down of the illegal war against Libya which had as sole aim the assassination of the Revolutionary Leader Muammar Qadhafi and the overthrow of the Libyan Jamahiriya, the unlawful occupation regime "government" still lacks legitimacy.

This in turn means that the funds of the Libyan People's Jamahiriya, which amount to an estimated funds total close to $200,000,000,000 abroad of which it is believed half may be in "cash", and of which the People's Republic of China is holding some $25 billion, must not be given to the Tripoli regime nor any so-called "UN authority" given that the UN violated its own charters and allowed colonial powers to commit war crimes.

Pushed by the UN which has stated that a stable government must be in place in Libya before funds can be handed over, the regime has been attempting by farcical elections which were postponed many times and barred almost all Libyan citizens from participation, and later by installing an illegitimate "General National Congress" headed by CIA front man Megarief, to install a "government" on Libya.

This is failing and even the so-called GNC is rejecting the lists of government members drawn up by the unlawful "Prime Minister", who has until October 7 to come up with a functioning government (by the definition of the occupation forces) or face dismissal.

While most of Libya remains in full rebellion and resistance against the outlaw regime, the latter continues to lose control over more cities including the pro-occupation regime stronghold of Benghazi which is now in open conflict with the Tripoli dispatched forces of oppression.

On Wednesday, the occupation (rat) Prime Minister–elect Mustafa Abushagur’s choices for the next government were publicly unveiled, as:
  • 1st Deputy Prime Minister: Omar Ali Al-Nakua
  • 2nd Deputy Prime Minister: Al-Haramain Mohamed Al-Haramain
  • 3rd Deputy Prime Minister:  Saad Agila El-Obaidi
  • Interior: Omar Aswad
  • Defence: Abdulsalam Jadallah Al-Salhin Saheh Al-Obeidi
  • Finance: Abdullah Shamiya
  • Economy: Mustafa Abu Fanas
  • Oil & Gas: Al-Mabrouk Aissa Abu Harura
  • Religious Affairs: Salem Abdullah Al-Sheikhi
  • Martyrs & Missing Persons: Sami Al-Saadi
  • Social Affairs: Summaya Mahmoud Baltief
  • Education: Sulaiman Al-Sahli
  • Labour: Ahmed Safar
  • Justice: Yousef Harbiesh
  • Health: Feisal Krekshi
  • Local Government: Mohamed Al-Hashimi Al-Harari
  • Housing & Utilities: Muftah Al-Tayyar
  • Communications: Ibrahim Jibril
  • Transport: Abdul Hafiz Al-Abar
  • Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries: Mahmoud Al-Telisi
  • Industry: Mahmoud Al-Ftaisi
  • Higher Education: Naim Aburrahman Al-Ghariani
  • Sports: Ramadan Belgassem Belhaj
  • Culture & Civil Society: Ah-Hadi Abdusallam Al-Ghariani
  • Electricity: Ahmad Ali Ahmed Al-Shuaibi
  • Public Works: Salahadin Shmeila
  • Rehabilitation & Human Development: Mustafa Al-Saqazli
  • Water: Mustafa Sulaiman Mustafa Abdul Hadi

No foreign minister was put forward to be appointed.  There were reports earlier in the day that the position would go to Ibrahim Dabashi, who, as deputy ambassador to the United Nations, was one of the first Libyan officials to turn traitor last year in a move which set a dangerous precedent. The UN representative for China or any government would not normally be able to simply side with an insurrection regime, yet that is what happened in this case.

The post of foreign minister of the occupation government was said to be held temporarily by the rat Prime Minister until an candidate acceptable to the regime's foreign backers is found.

The names were submitted to the National Congress on Thursday morning to vote on each name separately. If any are rejected by Congress, Abushagur has three more days, until 7 October, to present alternative choices for ratification.

The list caused uproar and has been rejected outright by the rat Congress on Thursday today October 4.

Already yesterday, when rat-gerbil Jibril's NFA Congressman Ibrahim Al-Ghariani saw the cabinet list, he tore the paper up and threw it at rat Prime Minister-elect Abushagur in a fit of rage.

Congressmen have reacted with fury today Thursday October 4, at the proposed government and vowed to vote against its ratification.

The extraordinary level of unhappiness follows weeks of negotiations with various occupation regime stakeholders and a prior pledge by Abushagur to form a government of national unity in an attempt to stave off the mounting strength of the Libyan Jamahiriya resistance forces and their victories across Libya.

It had been widely assumed that the prime ministerial team had consulted extensively with a broad cross-section of Congress to ensure that his cabinet would meet with their approval, but it is expected that Abushagur will be forced to drop a number of names following meetings of Congress today.

“This cabinet will need a miracle to pass”, said Abdurrahman Sewehli, leader of the Misrata-based Union for Homeland party, which holds two seats in Congress. “It is very clear he did not consult with members, and he certainly did not consult with me.

“Most of these names are not known to us, whilst many of those who are known to us we do not believe to be qualified for the job”.

Several other influential congressmen were of the same opinion.

“I can say with 100 per cent certainty that Congress will not vote for it”, said Ahmed Langi, a Benghazi congressman and one of the leaders of a recently established group of independent members.

“He [Abushagur] did not speak to me or almost any member of Congress until today.”

The Congress was elected from a short list after the exclusion of most Libyans due to "ties with the Libyan Jamahiriya" and a number of members have been expelled, over fears they may have loyalties to the Jamahiriya, even though the most extreme measures were taken to ensure only "pro-occupation" candidates could stand.

Mokhtar Elatrash, an independent congressman from Khoms, complained that there was particular resentment amongst those members who supported Abushagur’s bid to become prime minister last month. He won the vote in the narrowest of races, taking 96 votes to National Forces Alliance chief Mahmoud Jibril’s 94.

“He turned his back on those of us who voted for him, and people are outraged by that”, Elatrash said.

“Congress will reject the government as it currently stands. We thought Abushagur would be smarter than this. We cannot understand what happened. There are many people more qualified than those he chose who have not been included”.

The reasons for the exclusions of others more capable is that they are not in favour of the foreign powers that are dictating to the regime.

The crisis in relations between Abushagur and Jibril also appeared to intensify last night after it emerged that not a single one of the NFA leader’s nine recommendations for ministerial posts was accepted.

After a sustained deadlock in negotiations between the two men, it was announced on 2 October that Jibril had finally agreed to support the government and would submit his nominations due to the fears of the growing national liberation forces jamahiri resistance seeking to reinstate the Libyan Jamahiriya people's authority.

The only NFA member to make it onto the list is Feisal Krekshi, hitherto the alliance’s General Secretary and de facto number two, who has been proposed as minister of health. That he was not amongst Jibril’s choices appears to confirm previous speculation that he has indeed broken with the alliance chief, although it is still unconfirmed whether he remains part of the NFA or not.

Some reports say that a great many members had deserted the NFA leader in recent days in order to seek nomination as independents by Abushugur.

Krekshi was one of the names repeatedly objected to by rat congressmen on account of his ties with the Jamahiriya lawful democratic government.

Of all the congressmen spoken to by the pro-occupation government media only one did not express a high level of dissatisfaction, although he stopped short of offering any praise.

It is reckoned that of the major groupings in Congress, the Muslim Brotherhood is the most satisfied with the proposed government, with several of its members said to have been included.

After the NFA, the Brotherhood-linked Justice & Construction party is the largest political entity in Congress, having taken 17 seats in July’s elections. It is also known to have significant support from many individual candidates.

What is surprising, however, is just how little congressmen spoken to by the rat media could say about specific members of the proposed government, given the lack of consultation.

In order to be ratified, Abushagur’s rat occupation government will need the support of a majority in the 200-member Congress. The government will not be voted on as a whole, rather each proposed member will be discussed and voted upon separately.

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