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200 Armed Militia Occupy Tripoli Occupation Gov`t, List of Ministers Torn Up

Posted: 2012-10-05
From: Mathaba
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Chaos continues to reign in Libya as the occupation regime loses control of all corners of the country, poising to strike again against Ban Walid which proudly flies Jamahiriya flag on most houses, and with even Benghazi, the strongest point of support to the unlawful regime, having declared war on Tripoli

More than a year after being swept to power by U.S.-led neo-colonialist imperialist crusader forces the occupation regime head-quartered in Tripoli is now even unable to defend itself against attack.

At least 200 militia forces from Zawia entered the so-called General National Congress to deliver a clear warning to the regime that it has no legitimacy and should give up its power attempts.

The Libyan people want to activate the popular congresses system which had become corrupted in recent years due to the imposition of returned stray dogs into seats of power.

Stray dogs were those Libyans who had been stripped of citizenship and forced to live a low life of indignity as hostile traitors in the care of Britain, the USA and other imperialist powers.

After the unpopular compromise reached without the Authority of the People to install stray dogs into key positions over the heads of the masses, the Jamahiriya became weakened from within.

Now is the time to put aside passed differences and to allow the Libyan masses to once again rule themselves by themselves without deputation nor representation within the popular congresses and people's committees.

All political prisoners, numbering some 20,000, should be released unconditionally and the Jamahiriya restored with fresh nominations, and the holding to account of all rats and criminals.

These are the positions put forward by the revolutionary committees, should there be peace and abundance once again in Libya, it will necessitate the removal of all corruption and high treason.

The occupation by more than 200 armed people from Zawia angered at the lack of People's Authority and the fake pretences of the so-called General National Congress took place yesterday October 4.

The storming of the rat congress just hours after Mathaba had broadcast a warning that regime officials will not be able to protect themselves against the wrath of the masses and its popular jamahiri resistance.

This has been clear after top U.S. officials and agents were unable to be protected by the world's Great Satan, and top military generals and traitors have been unable to prevent their liquidation in the dozens at the hands of the revolutionary committees.

Contrary to false media reports, the so-called rat prime minister Abu Shagur had extensively consulted with fellow rats and his foreign backers before drawing up the list of proposed ministers which had to be torn up days later with the rat government thus still unable to be formed.

The deadline for the formation of the rat occupation government of Libya had been set for October 7 and it is unlikely this deadline will be met, thus resulting in the dismissal of Abushagur and the failure of any lawful regime to replace the de jure and de facto Jamahiriya.

At least 50 members of the rat congress walked out on Wednesday October 3, in protest at the list of rats put forward by the occupation regime's attempt at Prime Minister, Abushagur, and his foreign backers.

Hundreds of rats at the so-called congress called Abushagur to be dismissed. He had planned to present the cabinet list to be voted upon member by member, but such was the hostility that he decided to scrap the entire list and start afresh, with his impossible job to satisfy at the same time Satan and the Libyan people.

Rat Abushagur, who is predicted by the jamahiri resistance to have a life much shorter than that of a chicken, said on Wednesday that he would present a new list on Saturday, October 6.

Discussions among rat traitors on the matter with him had continued until three o'clock on Thursday morning.

The Congress of rats met later in the morning again to continue discussions on the crisis and whether or not they should vote on the names on the list. There was split between those who wanted to do so and those who wanted to wait for a new list.

However, proceedings were then thrown into chaos when some 200 militiamen from Zawia managed to break into the rats' Congress hall despite the strong military presence outside.

As a result of its inability to protect itself from the wrath of the armed masses, the rat Congress decided to postpone the session with no clear plan on what to do next.

Many rat congress members had accused the occupation regime's rat Prime Minister-elect and the present rat  Prime Minister Abdurrahim Al-Kib of being “out of touch” having been too long away from Libya. They were “not informed” about the country they said. However, they vigorously denied the suggestion that Abushagur had not negotiated his list.

“He almost killed himself consulting”, a rat congress member said, saying that anyone had been able to submit a name.  Abushagur had taken opinions from all sections with Congress”, he insisted. Five hundred names, he said, had been submitted and assessed.

Almost killing himself is what Abushagur and other rats are good at, pro-Jamahiriya observers note, and predict that they will soon succeed, unprotected by the alien foreign elites they serve.

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