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Libyan Jamahiriya News (Al-Timur #2)

Posted: 2012-10-06
From: Mathaba
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Round-up of news from the Occupied Libyan Jamahiriya

With Jihad until victory or death the Victory (Al-Fateh) is inevitable for the Libyan jamahir (masses) in the Greater Jamahiriya.

Occupation Regime Ordered to Attack Sousa

The Occupation Regime has received orders to attack Sousa and to continue to blame Ansar Al-Sharia islamists for the successes of the popular resistance. Read more (members)...

Rat Forces Poised to Stike Bani Walid, Response in Tripoli Predicted

As rats gather outside Bani Walid with the aim to again terrorise the free people of the Libyan Jamahiriya, popular resistance response at the seat of power in Tripoli and other locations around Libya is expected should an attack take place. Read more (public)...

200 Armed Militia Occupy Tripoli Occupation Gov`t, List of Ministers Torn Up

Chaos continues to reign in Libya as the occupation regime loses control of all corners of the country, poising to strike again against Ban Walid which proudly flies Jamahiriya flag on most houses, and with even Benghazi, the strongest point of support to the unlawful regime, having declared war on Tripoli. Read more (public)...

Benghazi Remains Out of Control For Libya Occupation Government

Benghazi where the support for the Libyan Jamahiriya was in some places below 90 percent and thus the lowest support level due to a small minority of heretics which conspired with foreign forces to occupy Libya last year, remains out of control to the Tripoli regime since over 3 weeks... Read more (public)...

Visit of French FM to Libya Postponed Due to Ongoing Occupation Crisis

The visit of the French Foreign Minister to Occupied Libya has been cancelled. His visit had intended to set colonial foot on sacred African soil to stamp French approval upon its puppet regime in Tripoli. The visit had to be cancelled because the puppet regime is not in place and unable to form a government more than one year after the occupation of Libya. Read more (public)...

Libya`s ``Rat President`` Megarief Holds Press Conference Without Press

Wary of even the rat press the long-time CIA agent who has been imposed as `President` on Libya via the illegitimate `General National Congress`` held a `Press Conference` in which he issued a statement to a few TV cameras, in order to avoid questions. Read more (members)...

US Still Unable to Visit its Benghazi Facilities, Draws Up List of Targets

US Draws Up Lists of Libyans to be Targeted for Fighting Back in Benghazi but is still unable many weeks later, to visit the site of the killed U.S. Ambassador and three other U.S. enemies of the Libyan people, due to the security situation in Benghazi which remains out of the control of the occupation regime. Read more (public)...

Egypt Joins Many Unpaid Countries Owed Billions For Medical Help to Rats

With the rat occupation regime of Libya broke and medical bills of around 3 billion dollars for treatment abroad, many countries including Iraq, Jordan, Greece and Egypt have demanded payment of the outstanding bills. Read more (members)...

Libya: Benghazi Remains Out of Control of the Occupation Regime

After an all-out mutiny in which the renowned Benghazi Police force refused to accept a new traitor commander appointed by the USA clashes are resulting in deaths. Read more (members)...

Ongoing Failures to Form Libya `Government`: Rejection by `Congress`

The People`s Republic of China and Russia as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States, and all governments that have any representative powers should take note that the ongoing lawful government of Libya is the Jamahiriya and should be demanding the release of all political prisoners. Read more (public)...

British Disinformation Campaign Against Jamahiriya: Bani Walid

Already with the blood of the Jamahiriya on its hands the arch enemy of Africa is using its media tools to create disinformation regarding Bani Walid which again faces the threat of siege and annihilation. Read more (members)...

CIA Employee Megarief Says Libyan Government is Secular

"President" Megarief in trouble within the regime installed by his backers for denial of Islamic Law. Read more (members)...

Libya: Weak Unlawful Government Without People`s Authority

Foreign backers of the occupation regime in Libya would do well to consider that the Jamahiriya is returning and when it is back will be stronger than ever before and include much of the Sahel Sahara region. Friends who are offering help, mainly in Latin America, will not be forgotten but nor will those who betrayed and those who plundered. Read more (public)...

Note: full Libyan Jamahiriya new reports and more are available to Mathaba donors and subscribers.
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