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Libya Without Government: Failure to Meet 7 October Deadline

Posted: 2012-10-07
From: Mathaba
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More than a year after the cessation of 7 months of NATO bombing, one quarter of population in exile, tens of thousands held political prisoner and a hundred thousand dead, the colonialist-backed regime is still unable to form a government


The Libyan people are accustomed to holding the power, wealth and arms in their hands directly without deputation to political parties and representatives, capitalist and bankers, army and militia.

In order to attempt to overthrow the Jamahiriya system of direct participatory democracy, people's power or the 'authority of the people', the capitalist elite had to conduct tens of thousands of bombing missions and use drugged mercenaries on the ground, sponsored by U.S.-NATO allies.

This resulted through 2011 in a quarter of the Libyan population, an estimated one million people having to flee to other countries, mostly Tunisia and Egypt, for refuge. It resulted in around one hundred thousand deaths. Tens of thousands thrown into jails to be tortured.

This was accompanied by a massive destruction of Libyan infrastructure, but care taken not to destroy the $22 billion Great Man Made River Project which is considered the '8th World Wonder' for the scale of its engineering feat, and pumps pure mineral water from under the Sahara.

While the world's water supplies are being allowed to become contaminated by chemicals, toxins, radiation and other elements harmful to life, the French mineral water giants are poised to bottle the previously free water, which can give the entire region of Africa one thousand years supply of totally clean mineral water from deep under the Sahara, and sell it to all but the poor.

While most of mankind is currently engaged in selfish pursuit of "survival" and closes their eyes to the numerous wars unleashed by the capitalist elite upon on nation after another, the enemies of mankind broke down the iron gate that protected Africa and made Libya one of the most stable, wealthy and democratic countries in the world, so that the plunder of Africa's resources can resume unhindered while silencing the revolutionary voice and freedom of action.

This took place with the help of organizations which have always been under the control of the long-term planners of "western" domination and total "full spectrum" control of the earth's resources -- including human -- such as the United Nations Organization, Amnesty International, NATO, News Media, ILO, IMF, World Bank and other outfits designed to co-opt, neutralize and/or fool the masses.

And yet alone with God on their side, the pure Libyan people who rejected the imposition of violence, anarchy, barbarism, occupation, servitude, capitalism, want, destruction, insanity, torture, rape, pillaging, pretence, hypocrisy, manipulation, disloyalty and shirk, rejected this state of affairs and have resisted by whatever means left available to them.

One year since NATO bombing stopped after 7 months from March through October last year, what the Libyan people and fair-minded people the world over call the "rats", those whose actions have betrayed every human value, have been engaged in a non-stop effort to destroy all memories of the Jamahiriya life in the minds of the people and the world community.

They have attempted to erase history over the past years by every possible means: by traumatising the population, throwing those with knowledge and keys into jail or murdering them, chasing others into disorganized exile with no resources to survive, destroying religious sites, cultural sites, and educational institutions such as the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, closing down all jamahiri media, taking over all embassies, destroying all jamahiri books and essential records.

One would think that with such a situation people may give up and accept slavery, foreign masters, compromise, capitalism, injustice, right and freedom, just in order to survive. If so, one does not know the history of the Libyan people, who have ejected every attempt at foreign control, and then went on to master the world's purest form of democracy.

Even the feared "Great Satan" of the United States of America, first ever naval battle in the 19th century, took place off the coast of Tripoli and resulted in its prize ship being destroyed in flames, and its retreat with its tail between its legs. In the 20th century, having installed its largest overseas air base near Tripoli under the corrupt puppet King Idris, the U.S. Air Force had to withdraw its bases after the Libyan masses led by Muammar Qadhafi and the Free Unitary Officers which later formed the Revolutionary Command Council, stormed the base.

And now, one hundred years after the first U.S. naval adventure went up in flames, the first U.S. Ambassador also went up in flames, this time in Benghazi, in punishment for his supervision of the neo-colonial, imperialist, crusader conspiracy against the Libyan people, mentioned above.

Failure to form government while Libyan Jamahiriya remains

In an attempt to install a compliant puppet government on the Libyan people, "elections" which eliminated most Libyans from any qualification as candidates (any connection with Jamahiriya, which by its very nature included almost all Libyans, and without absolute loyalty to the occupation regime, automatically excluded most Libyans) as well as participation in the sham elections. These themselves were postponed many times before taking place in July.

The July "elections" which thus only "rats" could participate in, resulted in an approx. 200 member "General National Congress" which the Libyan people call the "rat congress", but which lacks any non-rat participation. Yet, even now members are ejected on the basis of being "non-rats" i.e. having suspicion of loyalty to the Jamahiriya ideals of The Green Book.

Three months later, a deadline set for today October 7, for the rats congress to endorse it's "prime minister" Abushagur, and for him to present a cabinet of 28 ministers, is set to fail and our sources predict on the basis of numerous factors which cannot be disclosed here, that the so-called government will in fact never manage to see itself in power.

The majority of "rats" are set to sack Abushagur and reject his latest and last attempt to submit an "acceptable" list of "cabinet ministers". In addition, the Libyan masses around the country have become more united than at any point this year in their opposition to the regime and its forces, as well as to infiltrating it and assisting the jamahiri resistance.
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