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Why Subscribe to Libyan Jamahiriya News via Mathaba Gold?

Posted: 2012-10-08
From: Mathaba
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See some of the reasons given by readers of Mathaba Gold for subscribing and receiving full Libyan Jamahiriya news, analysis and commentary as well as access to archives

Below are some of the comments from Mathaba Gold members who receive our full Libyan Jamahiriya news coverage along with access to all archives and special features.

Truth About Libya

I am a follower of Mathaba since the Libya aggression. I like it because it keeps informed about the truth. -- Ibrahim, Nigeria

Excellent News Source

Mathaba is an excellent news source. -- Peter Duveen

Unbiased News Source

Mathaba news is the only genuine unbiased news source in the current political situation. -- Naser A.

Truthful News About Libya

After the resolution of the No Fly Zone and the resolution to bring M Qaddafi before the ICC, I started searching for more information on the internet, because I found these allegations didn't make any sense. So I found Libya Jamahiriya News on Mathaba. Now I follow you on a daily basis with membership of Mathaba. -- Ludo

Mathaba triumphs in truth but also in style

"Thousands of rats along with hundreds of 4x4 ratmobiles equipped with rocket launchers, as well as Grad missiles and tanks are reported by rat media to be poised for a rat assault on the free people of the Jamahiriya city of Bani Walid."

"disorganized in a rag-tag random rat array."

This is fantastic writing, Mathaba; and were it not for the deadly seriousness of the situation, these characterizations would actually be quite funny. It does conjure a powerful image, whatever else you say about it. Powerful stuff, and evidence of the fact that the global independent media comes up trumps not only in terms of the freedom to publish the truth, but in terms of style. You are not one of the hollow men. -- Orence

Stay informed

(Subscribe to Mathaba) to get updated on news that are intentionally left out in the western media. -- Bukari

Real News

Really interesting site with real news, not the fake, edited, propagandist news media from the west. for once a human being can read about the truth of things going on, all around the world, feeding of false information to the brain is murder in disguise, thanks Mathaba for this and keep the work going. -- Edem J.'

Truth Alternative to the Lies

With all the lies we get from the corporate media , Mathaba is the alternative and Mathaba is for the truth and I would like to be on the side of the TRUTH. -- Mafa K., Zimbabwe

We can do better

I agree with the philosophy of Mathaba and for the most part it's editorials. I am aware of the corruption in the western worlds ruling system that is falsely called democratic. We can do better. -- Guy S., Canada

American 'news' coverage is terrible

The American news is terrible and I am very grateful for news from Mathaba -- Dawn, USA

Fiercely independent

Mathaba has fiercely guarded its independence as well as it sense of global responsibility to stand by truth come what may. -- Jawad, India

Mathaba has real meaning

M.A.T.H.A.B.A. = "Meeting Actively To Help All Become Aware"! -- Green Party member, USA

Open Eyes

I follow Mathaba because the destruction of Libya by NATO has opened my eyes on world politics. -- William

Support Mathaba by subscribing

Something with so much importance and potential influence to the sleeping world needs more support to get it's voice spoken louder to the world. -- Sophie, Australia

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