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Chemical Weapons Again Used in Attacks on Bani Walid

Posted: 2012-10-12
From: Mathaba
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This time the pro-occupation media are acknowledging the commission of further crimes against humanity after ignoring the usage of chemical and other illegal weapons on cities refusing to surrender to the U.S.-led occupation of Libya last year. Photo: 12-year old Abdullah wounded by chemical attacks

Misrata rats stationed outside Bani Walid have fired chemical weapons on the city causing numerous casualties and injuries of types that cannot be explained by any "legal" weaponry.

Although last year the city was also subjected to such chemical weapons during a siege that cut the population off from water, medicine and food for months, these appear to be new types.

Over one hundred jamahiri citizens are confirmed hospitalised over the past week, at least a quarter of whom are verified as suffering from horrific injuries and effects including hallucinations, muscle spasms, foaming at the mouth, coughing, eye irritations, dizziness, breathing difficulties and loss of consciousness.

An unknown number have also been killed directly and also as a result of injuries, while others have suffered severe burns and physical injuries after attacks. At least three citizens of Bani Walid were killed Wednesday during heavy fighting, including an 8-year old boy, a doctor at the Bani Walid hospital confirmed to a pro-occupation reporter.

Taha Muhammad, said "we started receiving patients with strange symptoms that I have not seen before. Those affected were having difficulty breathing, reported dizziness and were coughing. Not everybody displayed the same symptoms, but some were also suffering from hallucinations, foaming at the mouth and loss of consciousness. We believe they had been exposed to some sort of gas."

The hospital still does not have the necessary equipment to evaluate such symptoms more than a year after the occupation of Libya by pro-western forces and puppets groomed in the west after having been banned from the Libyan Jamahiriya seized power by force of arms after a year-long bombing campaign that caused one million refugees, one hundred thousand deaths, and tens of thousands of Jamahiriya democrats held incommunicado in jails.

Routine medical treatment for such symptoms brought only slow and incomplete responses, indicating that the inhalation of toxic gases is a strong possibility, contained within missiles fired on parts of the town, by the "rats" of Misrata who overthrew the Jamahiriya administration in Misrata and other cities last year.

This year however a resurgent resistance is in operation with the occupation regime which is fronted by ex-Libyans from the U.S., Britain and other capitalist countries, returned under U.S.-led fire power in order to roll back democracy and socialism for private banker interests.

The Tripoli-based illegal occupation regime which has failed to form a government for the past year while the Jamahiriya democracy has been banned from functioning with tens of thousands of political prisoners languishing under illegal detention and torture, has denied responsibility.

The Misrata rat gangs were initially encouraged by the illegal regime to surround Bani Walid, one of the cities which more than a year after the horrific war aiming to overthrow the Libyan Jamahiriya and establish a client regime in North Africa.

Since then the regime having faced mass protests outside it's so-called General National Congress, headed by GNC President Megarief, a serving terrorist for the CIA since more than 3 decades before his return to Libya last year, has distanced itself publicly from the latest siege.

Other pro-regime forces withdrew from their positions outside Bani Walid after the mass protests at the GNC in Tripoli, with commanders saying that they wished to play no further part in the siege. They allowed some supplies to trickle in to the city from Tarhuna after their withdrawal, but these are inadequate after the latest 2 week long siege.

Hundreds of Bani Walid political prisoners from the direct participatory democracy Jamahiri system of the Libyan Jamahiriya, which included over 6,000 congresses in which all citizens freely participate in the forming of legislation prior to the imposed war, are still being held in Misrata. However, Bani Walid hold only a half-dozen terrorists from Misrata in detention.

An unreasonable demand had been placed upon Bani Walid by the occupation regime to surrender unknown suspects wanted by the regime, which has not specified their names. No investigators were sent to the city yet decisions were made to dispatch terrorists to lay siege to it and have since launched the chemical weapons attack on Bani Walid last weekend.

The attacks on the Mordum area of Bani Walid resulted in at least 26 chemical weapons injuries, having come under attack from mostly Misrata rat forces who fired missiles against the town from afar. Attacks already took place October 2 resulting in one death and several injuries, before the missile attacks last weekend, and clashes during this week.
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