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Thousands of Africans Drown Each Year Trying to Reach Europe via Libya

Posted: 2012-12-09
From: Mathaba
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Africans continue to attempt to leave their fertile lands and future African potential in search of the streets paved with money and western civilisation as portrayed in western propaganda

African regimes are also to blame for the drowning of thousands of Africans each year in the rough Mediterranean Sea, Green Charter International human rights activists say.

They blame African regimes for not telling the truth about Libya to their citizens via their national media. This truth includes the living hell for those of black skin inside today's Libya.

The incredibly arduous journey across the Sahara desert into Libya, is undertaken those willing to chance the "better life" promised them in old western school books and films. Not all survive.

Many perish in the deserts, coming from Sudan, Chad, Nigeria and other African countries attempting to cross the thousands of miles of desert into Libya's northern coastal towns.

Those that arrive there exhausted are then confronted with the stark reality of the Libya of today. While during the active days of the Jamahiriya things were not perfect, now they're hell.

In the Jamahiriya the worst treatment usually to be expected by Blacks of non-Libyan origin was to have air freshener sprayed into their faces as they entered public or private transport.

They were not given facilities nor organized and left to fend for themselves, generally getting jobs as labourers doing the work that Libyan Arabs shunned, such as building work, washing cars.

Those that had heard of the Great Leader Muammar Qaddafi and sought out The Green Book, were almost always disappointed, as things were not like in the 1980's. The Leader had become isolated by the reformists and the Green Book Centre closed its doors in the faces of Africans.

However, since Libya was overrun by a plague of three-legged rats in 2011, the situation for Black people in Libya has become a living hell. Forced to eat green flags, thrown into cages in the zoo, tortured and murdered at worst, beaten randomly for no reason, has become the norm.

It is this hell that Africans arrive into after surviving the long, hard, endless desert crossing. Some even enter Libya in the hope of a better life, still not having heard about the reality from the media. All however upon seeing the reality of hell on earth, want to leave quickly.

Unable or unwilling to go back since they arrived on a one-way "guided journey" to Libya, they are vulnerable prey for the racist rats who promise them a passage into Europe via sea, in exchange for whatever dollars they have on their person. Others have to undertake slave labour or prostitution in order to earn their "fare".

Yet, hell has only just become: first the hell fire, and now the hell water. Those who promised them a boat to Europe were lying. Sometimes they are placed into a mere rubber boat, blown up with air, and perhaps told that they are being taken to a ship off the coastal waters.

No such ship exists. When they are spotted by European NATO navies, they are rarely assisted. There are already many known cases of deliberate neglect, allowing them to die of starvation, illness or drown at sea. France's most famous aircraft carrier is one of those guilty.

When a ship does exist, they are then thrown overboard and told to 'swim ashore', dozens of kilometres from any shoreline. Most of the victims of this hellish experience, are never mentioned in any media, and known only to their families as "disappeared."

It has even happened to an Olympic Athlete, attempting to reach the London Olympics. Even such a case that one may expect to be famous, did not result in her receiving widespread news media coverage. European racist allies of the murderous Arab racists, turn a blind eye.

Green Charter International and the Libyan Leader Muammar Qadhafi had promised to follow up on the situation of Africans around the world, the former in specific regarding the mass deaths that occur perhaps every day of each year as mentioned above, but lack any resources.

The most that people will read about, are sanitized news reports such as this one from the British secret service outlet for Libyan news laundering, the Libya Herald. Added to it are the obligatory lies, again laundered via gate-keepers such as Amnesty International.

During the active era of the Jamahiriya before its current suspension with the plague of rats and terrorists supported by the avaricious European and other capitalists, there was much praise for human rights in Libya. Now, false realities are invented, such as "Qadhafi mistreating African immigrants", when the opposite is well known to be the case.

They have to invent the false history in an attempt to replace the known history of the Libyan Jamahiriya so that they can then make a fake contrast with the current situation, and claim it is actually better than before, rather than the reality, which is it is a million times worse.

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