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Ahmed Ibrahim: Silence of the Lambs

Posted: 2013-08-01
From: Mathaba
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Prisoner of conscience Ahmed Ibrahim the Secretary of the World Green Book Research Center and former Secretary of the People`s Committee for Education has been sentenced to death

Adam King

The western media, echoed by media the world over, simply and lazily echoes the false charges of a kangaroo court in Misrata, Libya, against a popular figure of their age-old hated rival city of Sirte, Dr Ahmed Ibrahim. They echo the charges that Ibrahim murdered a family and that he incited Sirte to fight against the Misrata-based rebels who were fighting against the Jamahiriya government which had firm support in Sirte.

They don't even comment on his abduction and torture these past years and even now when he is sentenced to death by a "court" in Misrata, they still don't mention it. Nor the thousands of others being abused in prisons not fit as dog kennels. Human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, remain silent. This is one of the reasons AI became known as Amnesia International for its false reports on the Libya war.

At least Human Rights Watch had the balls to come out with an investigation and publish the fact that Muammar Qaddafi was not hiding in a sewer, and that the old man who was captured along with others was brutally murdered by these same purveyors of injustice which have been holding Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, subjecting him to ridicule (search YouTube videos proudly uploaded his captors) and now sentenced to death.

What are the real reasons for the sentencing to death of Dr Ahmed Ibrahim? The reasons are extremely damning, not so much for the Misratans and reactionary Libyan islamists and their various cohorts, but damning to the entire academic world in the west, as well as the human rights organizations and media. It is because he is from Sirte and is a gentleman and a scholar.

He was a director of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, based in Tripoli, an academic institution on a par with universities which held symposiums world wide as well as academic conferences and publications on this democratic ideology.

The Centre was one of the first targets in the 2011 bombing by NATO, wrecking half the centre and believed to have killed 8 people in the bombing. NATO, for the uninitiated, is the US-led alliance of military forces from North America and Western Europe but which has also been joined by some Arab Gulf kingdoms and other subservient pro-US regimes as the armed forces of the "New World Order".

For those who are new to Libya, there is a centuries old hatred by the people of Misrata against the people of Sirte. Ahmed Ibrahim was "tried" after being held captive and tortured, on false charges, and naturally given the prejudice and hatred against all who had any association with Gaddafi (he is a distant relative, as are most people in Sirte), he was sentenced to death on July 31, 2013, by Misrata Court.

But he is not dead yet. We can hardly expect the world media who have proven themselves to be presstitutes to the US-led New World Order of the banker elites, nor can we expect the lame human rights organizations to take any action. They have clearly become enemies of the people world wide and should be handled as such. But we should hold academia to account to be informed and educated.

Dr Ahmed Ibrahim was one of those rare academics in the world who bravely espoused an alternative theory of direct democracy, natural socialism and national harmony, as summed up in The Green Book ideology ascribed to by all those now languishing in jails.

Please support the efforts to raise this issue in front of university leaders and academics. For those who can organize a campaign, as the Australian co-director of the same Green Book Center I am still alive and able to speak in front of audiences on this issue as well as the Libya human rights situation in general.
If Ahmed Ibrahim is put to death it will not only be his murderers who are held to account but those lambs who were silent. The wolves in sheeps clothing, the western media, are doing their job. But the academics and real human rights defenders must do theirs, otherwise all will be led like lambs to the slaughter, if the New World Order is coming to you too, and all laws and logic will be suspended.

--  Contact Adam King via Mathaba
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