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Al Fatah 44 - A Day of Honour

Posted: 2013-09-02
From: Mathaba
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Comrades in Dublin celebrate September 1st and a commentary on the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution

Fodla32 & Adam King

Around the world, good people have been celebrating the First of September 2013 – Forty Four years since the glorious day that Muammar al-Gaddafi and the Free Unitary Officers began the Great Al Fateh Revolution by seizing power in a bloodless coop on 1st September 1969.  Unlike the racist bloodbath that brought the NATO Rat Regime to power in 2011, Al Gaddafi and his comrades did not need to shed one drop of blood to liberate Libya from the greedy claws of the puppet King Idris and his Anglo-Saxon string-pullers.

The First of September, 1969, was a day of hope and victory for the oppressed people of Libya and the oppressed peoples of the whole world.  In Vietnam, in South America, and all over Africa, native peoples were finding their strength and courage, and casting out the criminal regimes who stole their wealth and passed it on to the imperialist powers of Europe and the USA.   Muammar al-Gaddafi was not only determined that Libya would play its part in this great liberation of all humanity from the powers of darkness, but play a leading role.  Soon, Libya, a country with a tiny population by world standards, had put fear in the hearts of all who would oppress the poor - and hope and joy in the hearts of patriots and freedom fighters everywhere.

While Britain and the USA were giving guns and money to the racist Apartheid Regime in South Africa, Libya was giving guns, money and training to the heroes of the African National Congress (ANC), to give their struggle the possibility of success.  When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, one of his first acts was to make the pilgrimage to Tripoli to publicly thank the Colonel, and all of Libya, for making African victory possible.  Since Libya was under criminal sanctions, Mandela had to make the last part of the journey by road.  Leader with MandelaHe was not deterred, and we have beautiful photographs of the heroes, hand in hand in comradeship,  solidarity and genuine affection – photographs that will inpire the anti-imperialist movement until the final victory - and forever.  Those liars who claim that Al Gaddafi only became a Pan-Africanist in recent times should be reminded that he supported African freedom right from the very start.

Through the World Mathaba Against Imperialism, Racism, Zionism, Fascism and Reaction(ism), also termed the "five evils", an organization with a budget that surpassed that of many entire countries, of which Muammar Qaddafi was the Leading Coordinator, many national struggles of oppressed peoples were helped toward victory or at least greater democracy in lieu of oppressive dictatorships, including El Salvador, Ghana, Grenada, Brazil, Palestine, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua and a host of others, while the many others who received help and assistance including the Australian "Ab"Original People's, still struggle for freedom.

It was thus that not only Africa that enjoyed Libya’s generosity and solidarity.  Palestine, The Basque Country, Ireland, the Philippines, and many others around the globe looked to Libya with confidence for support.  Al Gaddafi was a devout Muslim, but he rejected all sectarianism – freedom was for all people, and Al Gaddafi did all he could to make sure they could have it. He also called for the creation of a World Center for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory to study and publish as well as propagate the real alternative to the two sides of the same capitalist materialist coin.

Leader reading The Green Book The Green Book was thus made available for free world wide in around 45 languages even though western countries continue to censor it from appearing in public libraries, being studied in educational establishments due to its revolution on "education" as well as revelations of the fallacy of single and multi-party "democracy" as well as its exposure of the economic exploitation currently bringing poverty and misery to the majority of the world population. It offers definitive solutions to the problem of power, the problem of wealth and offers a sound social basis for any society. It can still be viewed on-line and even printed off for free.

Nor was Al Gaddafi’s idea of freedom limited to military support.  He also wanted to raise the people of the earth from the oppression of ignorance.  In 1969, less than 15% of Libyans could read or write.  Al Gaddafi build schools and universities for the people of Libya, so than now it has one of the highest literacy rates in the world.  He built more schools and universities all over Africa, and funded universities in Europe and the USA.  He never blamed ordinary people in the West for the crimes of their mis-leaders.

When the criminal sanctions were lifted, huge amounts of money poured into Libya.  Al Gaddafi was determined that this money would not be used to turn Libyans into worthless milksops – like the Qataris or the pampered and idle populations of several other mini-states in the Gulf.  The Jamahiriya (self-governing society based on legislative People's Conferences and executive People's Committees, direct participatory democracy) made sure that all Libyans had what they needed, and the surplus was invested for the future of Libya, and invested in the raising of all of Africa from poverty and oppression.  This was the biggest complaint of the rats – why is “our” money being given to others, instead of being used to make us rich and worthless sops like the Qataris? The USA, France and Britain saw this, basically racist, complaint as their best chance of overthrowing the Jamahiriya and setting up another puppet state under the flag of King Idris.   Sadly, this racist agenda was supported by most of the so-called Left in the West, who actually believed that hatred of people with black skin was a good basis for human rights.

War on LibyaEven though 2011 was the most tragic year for Libya, it was also the year of Libya’s most splendid glory.  Never before had one small nation stood so valiantly against the hoards of oppression and evil.  For eight long months, Libya withstood the genocidal bombardment of the most destructive force ever assembled.  By NATO’s own figures, 150 bombing raids per day, for eight long months, were directed against a population the size of Ireland’s.  And still, the Libyan Army endured, and held the genocidists at bay.   The rats themselves were found to be cowards, who would not dare to fight the Libyan Army.  They were, however, very good at lynching defenseless black civilians, and posing for Al Jazeera cameras.

To make up for the cowardice of the racist rats, NATO had to form a different plan.  So 6,000 Qatari troops, thousands of mercenaries, and hundreds of NATO special forces were dressed up as Libyan rats, and sent to do the fighting.  Though, when you have air support from NATO, not much bravery is needed.  NATO aircraft poured a Holocaust of Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus down on the heads of the Libyan soldiers – who still stood bravely – with a bravery rarely seen in human history. 

Mohanned Magam
Mohanned Magam, July 1, 2011 on the happiest day of his life one month before his martyrdom
And in the end, when the Libyan Army had been martyred, the citizens of Tripoli gathered around Al Gaddafi’s compound with nothing but their bodies to protect their country’s honour.  In this moment, NATO showed its true concern for civilians.  The people were strafed with gunfire from Apache helicopters to break up their demonstration. Among those martyred was Mathaba News Libya's young valiant Mohanned Magam, shot in the back by a British Apache while pulling out wounded from under the rubble.

Sirte became the Stalingrad of the 21st Century.  Al Gaddafi and those few left of his once great army, made their last stand.  In the end, there were only 300.  300 men against the combined might of NATO’s imperial forces.  For weeks, NATO and its rats could not prevail.  NATO was exposed to the world.  Despite its criminal killing power, 300 men held it at bay.  This is the stuff of legend.  In Sirte, it was recorded history.   In the end, the 300, including their beloved Brother Leader, suffered the martyrdom that so many other Libyans had suffered before them.  This was fitting.  The Colonel was not a man who would shun suffering and martyrdom.   He has gone to join Omar Mukhtar.  His body now lies in his beloved Libyan dessert.  All the soil of Libya has become sacred soil, for holding his beloved dust.

[Editorial note: this is the opinion of many, while others believe that this was Ali Al-Andalus, a younger, shorter man often mistaken for Muammar Qaddafi. They also contend that the bombing of Libya by NATO only stopped when Qaddafi, who they had been trying to kill unsuccessfully for so many years, and especially throughout the 2011 bombing at first claiming it would take "days", then "weeks" then "months", saw that the main target being claimed was himself. In order to stop the bloodshed of the Libyan people he agreed to "play dead", a worse fate than dying standing, or to lead the resistance into the future. This controversy continues until this day, given that no evidence has been provided either to prove the old man murdered at Sirte's "last stand" was in fact Muammar Qaddafi.]

Leader, February 22, 2011Even still, Libya could not be beaten.  Sirte's "last stand" proved to be far from it. For over a year afterward Sirte remained unsubdued and continued to rule itself and fly the popular Green Flag throughout the city. It had to be starved and blockaded and bombarded by long-range missiles for another year or so by rats primarily from Misrata, before they could claim "victory". In the same manner another central Libyan city, Bani Walid, showed the true color of Libyan manhood and womanhood.  The world stood in amazement as the Green Flag still flew over Bani Walid, and its people continued to resist for the coming year.

Today, on September 1st, 2013, the Al Fatah Revolution is being celebrated by small groups.  We no longer have the splendid occasions, when the Libyan Army marched in its fine uniforms, to demonstrate Libya’s sovereign power to the world.  In Libya today, patriots are setting off fireworks and raising the Green Flag, knowing they could be arrested and tortured, or even murdered, by the criminal gangs brought to power by NATO.   In other parts of the world, we are not under physical threat, but we have the ridicule of slavish governments, who want to enjoy the criminal spoils of the Petrodollar.

On the other hand, the rats in Libya still have no victory. They have no security, no functioning government, have to meet in secret and various locations, are plagued by constant protests and even armed invasions, are fighting against one another, blowing each other up, and many who joined the rats due to tribal or other allegiances when parts of Libya fell to the rat invasion, are now wishing for a return to the good old days of the democracy and socialism of the Jamahiriya.

But, today, a new sense of hope stirs in our hearts.  We see that NATO is afraid to attack Syria.  The grand plan to destroy Libya in a matter of weeks, then march through Damascus and into Iran, now lies in ruins.  The heroism of Libya ended NATO’s power.  Even members of the British Tory Party have voted against an attack on Syria.  They fear meeting men and women like the Libyans.

NATO vs QadhafiRussian and Chinese military analysts have pointed out that Libya, instead of being a demonstration of NATO's unstoppable power, actually showed its weakness.  By the end of eight months of bombing a country with a population half the size of Belgium, most of NATO’s air force was grounded – due to lack of spare parts and the exhaustion of the air crews.  How could such a force imagine attacking the combined might of Syria, Russia and Iran?  Add in China, and NATO must accept that it is no longer a feared force in the world.

It was Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi and the Libyan Army that broke the back of NATO.

Syria will soon have victory over the Zionist puppet terrorists that now attack it.  Iran need not fear any longer.  I hope the people of Syria and Iran will not forget, as they enjoy freedom from Anglo-Saxon invasion and domination, that their freedom was hard won by Libyan blood.  It is a debt of honour that they cannot forget.

African LeaderIn Africa, people are calling for the work of Al Gaddafi to be continued and intensified.  Only a United Africa can bring the people of Africa the peace and prosperity they deserve.  Al Gaddafi knew that Africa is the richest place on earth.  Its people could flourish – instead of dying slow deaths in poverty.  His efforts to unite Africa cost him his life*.  He always knew that this could happen – but he was not afraid.  Africans draw courage from his courage.  More and more Africans are saying that its better to die as men than live under imperialist slavery.   This is NATO’s true failure and defeat.  They thought that by murdering the man who, above all others, stood for African Unity, that they would put fear into the hearts of all who would dare to follow him.  How wrong they were*.

*) Editor's note: as explained earlier, there is no certainty whether Muammar Qaddafi was physically killed or not. Either way, he died either as a Martyr, or has been killed in much of his heart as he had to watch his nation and humanity enter a new period of darkness and reach new lows from the promising future he had built for Libya, Africa, and potentially the world -- Latin America is largely liberated now and still stands strong and is gathering strength. But again either way, it is true that he Lives in a place where he can never be killed: in the hearts of millions!

Leader in Italy with female GuardsOf all the oppressed people of the earth, it is women who suffer the most.  In the Jamahiriya, women were given their full rights, and given full equality with men.  To make this point clearly to the whole world, Al Gaddafi put his personal safety in the hands of women.  They would soon show the world that his confidence was fully justified.  On the 31st of July, 1998, the British MI6, working with Al Qaeda, attempted to assassinate Al Gaddafi in a gun and bomb attack on his convoy. This was not the first time, but one of many occasions.  Two women soldiers were martyred and several others injured.  But, they protected their Brother Leader and captured the terrorist gang.  When the infantile Western media saw these women soldiers, all they could see was sexual objects.  That fact alone shows the continued oppression of women in the West.  Today, women, once more, face oppression in Libya.  But, after having enjoyed freedom in the Jamahiriya, it will not be easy for the fanatics to force them down.

Leader in HeartsAnd so, on this First of September, 2013, the oppressed of the earth – The Wretched of the Earth – hold our Brother Leader's memory deeply in our hearts in sorrow and loss, yes, but also in hope and pride. In our hearts where he lives forever and will continue to live in all future generations who will see the great wonders he created for the world* and with that they still had clean water, air, fish in the sea and a healthy happy life.  

*) To mention a few:

Ideology: Muammar Qaddafi saved the world from a lack of alternatives to the so-called "New World Order" of the bankster elite. He did so by giving us The Green Book a guide to freedom from political, economic and social slavery, a universal guide to political, economic and social emancipation.

Human rights: Muammar Qaddafi offered a human rights price each year that received little publicity but which went to truly worthy causes and struggles and deserving recipients for human rights and peace, unlike the "Nobel Peace Prize" which was awarded to those who served Zionism and war, including Obama.

Water: Muammar Qaddafi gave future humanity 1,000 years supply of pure mineral water, via the Great Man-Made River Project "The 8th World Wonder". This is currently being jealously guarded by the French who wish to turn it into bottled water for sale, instead of free to the entire region as it was before. The elites know of this and want to allow the continued poisoning of the water supply for the rest of us, and allow only their rich supporters to drink clean water.

African Dignity: Muammar Qaddafi joined a line of historic Afrikan leaders who have given pride to Africa and Africans, stood up for their rights and made the white occupiers and their institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund superfluous. With a $42 billion budget, $32 billion supplied by Libya and now stolen by the USA, a project which was due to launch on September 1, 2011 would have brought complete economic freedom to Africa forever more.

Religion: by bringing the pure clean Islam and its teachings into the light after a long history of obfuscation, establishing the World Islamic Call Society, Muammar Qaddafi sought to educate Muslims and others about Islam and reveal its bounty to human kind, its relevance to everyone, and its never-ending source of peace and fulfillment. The publication "Risalat al Jihad" (Message of Struggle), was the best every multi-lingual monthly publication on the relevancy of true Islam.

LeaderCooperation: always bridging the gaps, a firm believer in the Third Universal Theory (Truth), the "Great Uniter" Muammar Qaddafi brought together all believers, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist, as well as Anarchists, Nationalist, Socialists, Humanitarians, Communists, Libertarians... always seeking to unite around what faces us all and work to finding common solutions and offering solidarity, assistance and counsel irrespective of differences in religion or ideology.

Truth: in a politically and morally incorrect world where sucking up to power, groveling, lying, deceit and manipulation are the standard, Muammar Qaddafi was the prime example and leader in speaking truth to power, speaking truth that hurts, even against his own people and family. Thus setting a remarkable standard to be followed and emulated by all of us. Let us follow his example and teachings: "Do not be afraid of power, possess it!" Print, study and circulate The Green Book!

Join us and others in the freedom struggle. Join Mathaba, help out with reporting, editing or translating, hang out with us in the #mathaba IRC channel.

About Fodla32

I'm an Irish Communist and anti-imperialist. I contribute on a regular basis to the Mathaba News Agency.

About Adam King

I'm a Director of the (now bombed and destroyed by NATO along with murder of at least 8 staff) World Center for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory. I'm seeking solidarity and help to rebuild the center in a location and nation that respects academic freedom and liberation.

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