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Hungary: Police Attack European Parliament Candidate

Posted: 2009-03-19
From: Mathaba
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Dr. Krisztina Morvai, the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik)`s first candidate for the European Parliament was brutally attacked by the Hungarian state police forces in the evening of 15th March.

Mathaba.Net - The incident took place in Budapest when demonstrators tried to make their way home led by Ms Morvai.

Krisztina Morvai and Dr. Tamas Nagy-Gaudi from the National Legal Foundation had to negotiate an escape route with the police when a few hundred peaceful demonstrators were completely surrounded by riot police in full gear.

The illegal practice by the police is already a subject of condemnation as regulatory laws clearly state that the police need to provide an “escape route” for demonstrators. Due to journalists and TV-channels being present, the police agreed to provide this route but later attacked the demonstrators and Ms Morvai.

The video below shows that the peaceful crowd was stopped yet again by police.  As Ms Morvai tried to address the journalists present, she was attacked by the government police force, with very strong CS gas sprayed on her and her colleagues.

Jobbik members present protected Krisztina Morvai from the batons of the police and led her to safety.

Dr Krisztina Morvai, Jobbik’s European Parliament (EP) candidate made a formal complaint last night. Ms Morvai stated that the police must have had clear instructions for the brutal attack, therefore she named Tibor Draskovics, Justice Minister and Ferenc Gyurcsany, Prime Minister as instigators of the criminal offence.

In a statement, Krisztina Morvai pointed out that Gyurcsany and his government are building a totalitarian dictatorship allowing themselves to commit atrocities on the street in front of the cameras and journalists. Jobbik’s EP candidate Ms Morvai will also contact the European Parliament and the media about the attack.

Krisztina Morvai calls on the press, civil rights groups and individuals to protest and take legal action against the violation of civil rights and the violation of freedom of speech by Hungary's Gyurcsany government.

Jobbik, The Movement For A Better Hungary is the third political power in Hungary currently at about 7-10% support. In June 2009 Jobbik may delegate 2-3 candidates to the European Parliament and the following year in 2010 after the general elections Jobbik could become the governing political party due to its phenomenal rise in popular support.

Those who can help, are urged to contact jobbik at:
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