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Comparing Life in England with North Korea: AmbassadorVideo
NATO Expands to Border of Russia, Then Blames Russia for Being On NATO`s DoorstepVideo
Extend the range of your WiFi Wireless Internet Network
News PhotoThese days it is as easy as plugging in a small device into an electrical socket to double the range of your wireless internet access
How Much Energy Will the 2014 World Cup Consume?
News PhotoImage source: Oilprice.com
QQ International New Release: Backwards Step
News PhotoThe latest release of QQ International fails to impress us
Yoobao: Made in China is Cheap But Can be Great Quality
News PhotoPhoto: this writer`s Yoobao 626 after almost 3 years still in top shape
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Don`t Give Page Rank To Mainstream Media
Android Users: F-Droid App Repository is an Open Source Alternative to Play Store
Bitgroup: a P2P groupware project
Bitgroup: a peer-to-peer group-ware and social-network application
Google Censoring Search Results Damaging to the U.S-Information Empire
Chemtrails Geoengineering: The Answer?
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Info Tech
ImageThe First People
Kenitra - `Why should we be so arrogant as to assume that we`re the first homo-sapiens to walk the earth?` (J.J. Abrams et al., 2010)
The First People
Chemtrails Geoengineering: The Answer?
The (Western Capitalist) Freedom Device
Aaron Swartz`s Suspicious Death
Decentralizing Telecom
North Korean Satellite Exposes U.S.
ImageSolution to Cyber Bullying
The definitive solution to cyber-bullying, which results in the destruction of countless lives aside from the psychological damage and suicides increasing in scale every year: the social network platforms themselves
Solution to Cyber Bullying
Dodo Internet Harasses Australians With Unsolicited Calls From Philippines
Amaysim Unlimited: Cheats Customers With Misleading Advertising
Computer and Phone Memory Much Cheaper Online
Extend the range of your WiFi Wireless Internet Network
Legal complaint filed to end GCHQ attacks on ISPs
ImageAdelaide Child Sex Abuse Teacher Charged - But Government Kept Secret
Letter sent to parents asking them not to disclose this information to the public. Photo: Premier Minister of South Australia Jay Weatherill
Adelaide Child Sex Abuse Teacher Charged - But Government Kept Secret
Freedom of Thought in Islam
80 Year Old Australia Day Ambassador Resigns in Protest at Legal Abuse of 11 Year Old Boy
Australian Alliance to Launch on Sunday December 1 - Update!
Teaching Outback
Illuminating The Shadow - Exposing The ``Dark`` Side
ImageAhmadiyya Muslims in South Australia Donate to Sierra Leone Victims of Ebola
Manzoor Khan, President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of South Australia with Victor Lamin, Chair of Task Force Advisory Committee of Sierra Leone Welfare Foundation of Australia, SiLWeFA with Imtiaz Ahmed (Photo: Mathaba News Australia)
Ahmadiyya Muslims in South Australia Donate to Sierra Leone Victims of Ebola
Adelaide Hospital Isolated African in Ebola Farce
Official information on how you can and can`t get Ebola
World Mental Health Day in Adelaide: Festival of Now in Rundle Park
Alarming photos show Ebola vomit cleanup crew in Dallas wearing NO protective gear whatsoever
George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine
ImageLegal complaint filed to end GCHQ attacks on ISPs
Seven internet service and communications providers from around the world filed a legal complaint today, calling for an end to GCHQ`s (British Government Communication Head Quarters spy agency) attacking and exploitation of network infrastructure in order to unlawfully gain access to potentially millions of people`s private communications.
Legal complaint filed to end GCHQ attacks on ISPs
Australia Censors YouTube to Prevent Information About Schapelle Corby
Why the West is spying and why Africa should be worried
Obama Gov`t Tries to Stop Courts from Ruling on Constitutionality of Warrantless Spying
Tech giants push surveillance reform: What wasn`t said
Computer Security Company RSA Accepted $10 Million Payoff to Give NSA Backdoor Access
ImageIndependent Media, Blogging and Skype - Interview With Morris Herman
Morris Herman of Divining The News talks about his freelance film-making work to highlight issues not covered by the so-called Main Stream Media (or Money Slave Media), using Skype and blogging
Independent Media, Blogging and Skype - Interview With Morris Herman
Skype for Symbian Mobile Phones: the Bad and the Good
Skype Calls` Immunity to Police Phone Tapping Threatened
NSA offering `billions` for Skype eavesdrop solution?
Low Cost Skype Communication Technology for Small Businesses Launched
Skype Serves up 100 Billion Minutes
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